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10 ways to get motivated in January

10 ways to get motivated in January

Feeling the January blues yet? We are starting to at Boudavida. So we put together our top 10 tips to get motivated and stay motivated in January.

Take financial control- After all the parties, the presents, the ‘why not, it’s Christmas, I will treat myself’ January leaves most of us stretched financially.  So why not use the New Year to take control, set budgets and stick to them. Ask yourself ‘do I really need that’ before you buy. The best advice? Treasure experiences not stuff. Find activities to do that are free such as long walks or find your local farmers market. Planning on going out for dinner? Why not have a picnic or a fake away instead. 

Think positive- Positive thoughts make us all happier people. And let's face it- in January, we all need it. So think positive. About yourself, about your body, about other people. Why not compliment a stranger or a work colleague and see what they say back. Chances are, you walk away happy!

Go outside- Fresh air does wonders for the body- even in winter. Be sure to wrap up warm (we recommend our Cwtch hoodies) and go exploring. A long walk, a run or a bicycle ride. You’ll feel all the better for it and forget the January blues. 

Get into a routine- January is the perfect time to start something new. So why not try to get into a new routine. After all the time off during December it’s too easy to lose your motivation whether it be in the gym, getting up in the morning, eating healthy or sticking to your usual routine. So why not start a new one. Set yourself goals each week and if you succeed, treat yourself in some way. We recommend a bubble bath, book, wine and candles :)

Meditate- Whether you are a beginner or a pro, take 10 minutes to meditate and clear your mind. It can go a long way to putting you in the right mindset and it is proven to take away stress. 

Exercise- It’s always  number one on the new year's resolution list and there is a reason for that. Aside from getting fit, exercise can increase energy levels which helps us to sleep better. The great thing about exercise, there is something for everyone!

Get out of your comfort zone-  Why not try something new. Try a new hobby, sport, skill or even volunteer somewhere. Not only will it keep your body and mind active but it is a great way to meet new people and socialise. 

Spend less time on social-  With most people posting only the best aspects of their lives on social media,  it can leave you feeling inadequate with FOMO (fear of missing out). So why not see how much time you spent on social media last week and half it. Take a bit of a detox and see if it improves your general mindset. 

Eat well- Everybody over indulges at Christmas and aims to eat healthier in January. But with a lack of motivation it can be difficult to maintain and usually leads to broken resolutions.  So, why not have smaller portions of main meals and eat healthy snacks in between main meals. 

Plan a holiday- With money stretched after Christmas, planning a holiday that is so far away and not achievable at the moment may seem counterproductive, but it gives you something to look forward to- and it is never too early to start making plans.