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Anabel shares her top picks for 2020!

Anabel shares her top picks for 2020!
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anabels top boudavida gym picks

Our CEO and Founder Anabel has shared her top picks for 2020 and why she can’t live without them...

Cwtch Hoodie - This is still one of our bestselling products and it’s definitely my favourite weekend slouchy sweatshirt. It’s perfect for to-and-from the gym, or just to snuggle up in on winter nights. The name Cwtch is Welsh for cuddle and the is exactly what you get when you wear it.

Spark Jacket - I love this jacket for winter outdoor exercise like running, cycling or golf. The fabric is amazing it keeps you warm in the cold, and cool when you heat up. It’s also stretchy, which is unusual for a waterproof fabric.

Cushty Gym Bag- Anyone who knows me knows that i don’t go anywhere without my cushty bag. It started off as my gym bag but has become my everyday bag.

Kinetic Leggings II in Navy- My defualt is to wear black so i love being a bit different when i wear navy leggings. The fit is based on our best selling original kinetics and the brushed reverse makes them so snuggly for this time of year!

Bella Beanie - This is such a cut bobble hat! Many people receive this from me for Christmas this year. It’s really comfy and I love the little faux leather Boudavida tab. We made them in colours that you can match up with other products in our range.

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