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8 Yoga Poses To Start Your Day

8 Yoga Poses To Start Your Day

Starting the morning with yoga can help you feel more energised while grounding your mind in gratitude and intention.

If you’ve never tried yoga, first of all, have you been living under a rock?! But seriously, if you’ve never done it, this is your sign to give it a go.

Here are eight yoga poses to help you get your day off to a great start.

1. Cat-Cow

Cat-cow is an incredible way to wake up your spine. Begin on all fours, pressing firmly into your palms, knuckles, and the tops of your feet.

Cat Cow Pose

Images by Helen Faliveno, wearing the Spirit Sports Bra and Impact Leggings.

On an inhale, drop your belly and open your chest. On an exhale, round your back, pressing your belly button up toward your spine.

Repeat with your breath to ease your way into your morning yoga practice.

2. Sun Salutations

Yoga Sun Salutation

As its name suggests, a sun salutation is the perfect morning yoga sequence.

Start in mountain pose for a few breaths. Gently reach your hands toward the sky and come into a gentle forward fold with your knees bent as generously as you need.

Stay folded for breath, and on an inhale, come up halfway to a flat-backed position and exhale to fold back down. Step or hop your feet back to a plank pose.

Then, take a Vinyasa as you bend your elbows and come to your belly, pressing into your hands for cobra. Or move through Chaturanga (plank pose), coming to an upward-facing dog. From there, use your core to bring you to a downward-facing dog.

Step into a low lunge with either leg as you make your way back to a forward fold. Gently lift back up to a mountain pose and restart your sun salutation.

Move with your breath as quickly or as slowly as you need, and greet the day with this gentle flow.

3. Chair Pose

From your mountain pose at the end of your sun salutation, you can create a little more heat in the muscles by moving into a chair pose.

Slowly transfer your weight into your heels, lowering your hips down in space with your knees bent and your inner thighs squeezing together.

Sweep your arms overhead, keeping your heart open and your shoulders down. Stay there and focus on your breath to wake up the body.

4. Warrior One

From a lunge position, lower your back heel and keep your hips square as you reach your arms up overhead.

This powerful pose encourages quiet confidence and offers an opening hip stretch for your back leg. It’s also a great strengthener for your front leg muscles.

5. Warrior Two

From Warrior One, you’ll open your hips and reach your arms side to side, intensifying the strength required from your front leg.

Breathe deeply and play with some movement, taking a reverse warrior pose, reaching toward your back leg or an extended side angle as you reach toward your front leg.

Warrior Pose

6. Triangle Pose

From your warrior poses, straighten the front knee, bump your hips toward the back edge of your mat. Then, reach your front arm forward and down toward your front foot.

You’ll experience a deep stretch in your inner thigh, groin, and hip while strengthening your core muscles, igniting a fire in your muscles and kick-starting your day.

7. Reverse Triangle

Again, with straight legs, you’ll reach your back arm down your back leg for support and stretch your front arm up to the sky to get a deep stretch in your front hip this time. Remember to breathe deeply into the pose.

8. Child’s Pose

Lastly, a child’s pose is the perfect place in which to rest and meditate at the start of your morning.

Repeat a mantra you’d like to take into the rest of your day and focus on your breath as you recover mindfully from your practice.

Childs Pose

Morning Yoga Flow Video

Looking for a morning yoga flow video? Watch this 20-minute session with Helen Faliveno which incorporates many of these poses; an excellent way to start your day.

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