Five Questions With Boudavida Founder Anabel Sexton

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Five Questions With Boudavida Founder Anabel Sexton

Five Questions With Boudavida Founder Anabel Sexton

Anabel Sexton is the founder of Boudavida, and launched the British activewear brand in 2016 with a pledge to donate 5% of all sales to women’s sport.

Having forged a career in the sports industry - from managing professional athletes to marketing sports kit - she knows the industry inside out and believes passionately in supporting women in sport at every level.

Anabel lives with her husband in the beautiful Somerset countryside, and she loves nothing more than exploring the world with her husband and two kids.

We caught up with her in this blog to ask her five quick questions and to learn more about her and her life behind the scenes.

Five Questions With Boudavida's Founder, Anabel Sexton

1. What's the best business advice you have received?

Someone once told me not to be disheartened if at times I have found it frustrating working for others. It means I'm probably a natural entrepreneur.

2. What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I always wanted to own an art gallery. My passions were always art or sport. I also had a bit of an idealistic streak in me where I wanted to 'make the world a better place'. I guess setting up Boudavida three years ago has given me the opportunity to bring my creative, sporting and charitable elements together quite nicely.

3. Tell us something we never would have guessed about you?

Each year I throw off my corporate suit, put on my wellies and attend Glastonbury festival. I absolutely love it! I do cheat a bit as I live in Somerset right on the boundary of the festival site so I can walk home each night to the comfort of my own bed and a hot shower.

4. Which exercise do you enjoy the most?

I have always been a ball sports player. However recently I have found that I really enjoy running. It's great for clearing your head. Sadly, I had to stop playing most ball sports when I broke my wrist, but I still manage the odd round of golf. I especially love holiday golf in the sunshine with my family.

5. Lastly, what Boudavida item could you not live without?

I have a dark grey Cwtch Hoodie from one of our previous collections that I absolutely could not be without! It's the comfiest, cuddliest thing that I have. It was a sell-out, so I'm sure we will be bringing it back again.

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