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Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for Beginners
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Our lovely ambassador Sarah from Sentia Yoga who has a monthly yoga session in-store at Boudavida (which is the best start to a weekend - book here), knows that meditating can seem a bit daunting but don't be put off. In this blog post she shares some really useful tips if you are a beginner to meditation.

There are so many reasons to meditate, to so many ways to meditate, it can seem overwhelming. The benefits of regular practice are worth the effort though, so let’s clear a few things up…

You cannot do it wrong because there is no one right way

Your meditation practice is a time just for you. In the moments of quiet, we let go of the busy lives we lead and draw our attention inwards. We all have to start somewhere — if that is just a few moments of calm in a quiet morning moment. Or shutting out the world and feeling completely relaxed in a hot bath. Then congratulations! You are meditating. There are a multitude of approaches, theories and philosophies on meditation. These can seem overwhelming. But you can explore different types of meditation and cherry pick what works for you. You can try movement meditations like yoga, tai chi or walking meditation. Breathing techniques (pranayama) or explore guided meditations like yoga Nidra. All are valid, and all can be effective.

Thoughts will wander

It can be useful to remember that when you sit down to meditate, your mind will wander. This is an inevitable truth for beginners and more seasoned meditators alike. The art of meditation is noticing when your mind has taken a different direction and bring it back to focus. Without judgement.

It takes patience

Not only to bring the mind back to focus again, and again, and again. But also, to take time every day, even if its just for a minute, to tune in and quieten your
mind. Regular practice has enormous benefits for general wellbeing. In todays society of stress, business and drama; taking time to be still is more important than ever. Looking after your mental wellbeing, as with all exercise, is a lifelong practice. It's a journey, so be patient, and enjoy the ride!


It is for everyone

You can make your meditation whatever you need it to be. Perhaps your goal is to be a little more mindful in everyday life. Or to take a few minutes each morning to breathe with more awareness. Or a more formal practice, you get to choose what works best for you. There is a meditation practice out there for everybody! It does not matter if, in meditation, you are looking for a way to balance your emotions, find more focus. Or you are a spiritual person hoping to deepen your connection to that which is greater than us. Everyone and anyone can experience the benefits of mediation, no matter the paths that lead us to it. 

Where to go now

If you are wondering where you should start, sign up for Sarah's next session in-store which will include a little guided meditation or if you'd rather try something at home, check out this guided meditation from Sarah

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