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Boudavida The Benefits Of Meditation

The Benefits of Meditation

Following Mental Health Awareness Week and with International Meditation Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to highlight the benefits meditation as an excellent way to combat stress and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

How To Use A Massage Ball For Muscle Recovery

A massage ball, also known as a trigger-point massage ball, is an easy way to find relief from tight muscles and sore knots. By stimulating circulation and relieving tension, massage balls are great for releasing knots or myofascial trigger points. Here's a handy guide for how to use a trigger-point massage ball.
How To Use A Massage Ball For Muscle Recovery
When Is The Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Exercise?

Although your lifestyle, job and body clock can dictate your favourite time to exercise, according to science there could be an optimal time of day to exercise. Exercising at a particular time can provide greater performance and post-workout benefits. So should we be scheduling our workouts for a particular time of day to enhance our performance and results? Read more in our blog.

How To Practice Yoga At Home

Need some advice for navigating utkatasana to savasana? We've got it covered. This blog covers some basic yoga poses so you can practice while you stay home. If you're working from home right now, introducing a regular yoga flow into your schedule will also help with posture, avoiding back pain incurred from desk work.
Boudavida Blog - How To Practice Yoga At Home
Boudavida Blog - How To Build Up Running

How To Build Up Running

Running is great for both body and mind, which is why we're big advocates of this sport. All you need are a good pair of trainers and some breathable sportswear and you're ready to go, whether it's pounding your local pavements, on a treadmill or just around your back garden. Building up running is made easy with these 7 steps.