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10 Ways To Get Motivated In January

10 Ways To Get Motivated In January

We hope you haven't felt the January blues yet, but we'll be honest, we've started to at Boudavida. So we put together our top ten tips to get motivated and stay motivated in January.

Plan Your Finances

After all the parties, the presents, and the impulse purchases because "why not, it's Christmas", January leaves most of us financially stretched. So why not use the New Year to take control, set budgets and stick to them. Ask yourself, 'do I need that' before you buy. The best advice? Treasure experiences, and not physical purchases. Find activities to do that are free, like long walks or discovering your local farmers market. Are you thinking of heading out for dinner? Why not have a home-cooked meal or a 'fakeaway' instead.

Focus On The Positives

Positive thinking make us all happier people. And let's face it - in January, we all need it. So try some positive self-talk about yourself, your body, and other people. Why not compliment a stranger or a work colleague and see what they say back. Chances are, you'll both walk away happy.

Get Outdoors

Fresh air does wonders for the body, even in winter. Be sure to wrap up warm (we recommend a cosy layer from our collection of hoodies and sweatshirts) and go exploring. A long walk, a run or a bicycle ride are perfect opportunities for light exercise and fresh air combined. You'll feel all the better for it and combat some of those January blues.

Get Into a Routine

January is the perfect time to start something new, so why not try setting yourself a new routine. After all the time off during December, it's easy to lose motivation, whether that's going to the gym, getting up early in the morning, eating healthily or sticking to your schedule. So why not start a new set of goals. Set yourself markers each week and if you succeed, treat yourself in a small way. We recommend a bubble bath, a new book, or a tasty glass of wine!


Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it can take just 10-15 minutes to meditate enough to clear your mind. It can go a long way to putting you in the right mindset, which is proven to reduce stress levels. Introducing small amounts of meditation into your new year plans can help you maintain focus and stay motivated to achieve your goals.

Want to know how you can start meditating? Read our blog The Benefits of Meditation.


It's always number one on the new year's resolution list (for shifting those extra Christmas pounds!), but aside from losing weight and getting fit, exercise can also increase energy levels and help you sleep better. Another great thing about exercise? There is something for everyone! You don't need to be a pro-runner or a HIIT lover, even just a gentle walk or stretch can be enough to get the blood flowing and your body moving. Just find what works for you.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Why not try something new? Try a new hobby, sport, skill or even volunteer at a store or sports group. Not only will it keep your body and mind active, but it is a great way to meet new people and socialise. Is there something you've always wanted to try but have never acted on it? Now's the time! Book yourself onto that course or commit to your new hobby - the new year is a great time to take on those challenges.

Spend Less Time on Social Media

Most people post only the best aspects of their lives on social media, and it can leave many of us feeling inadequate and struggling with FOMO. So why not check how much time you spent on social media last week and halve it. Take a detox and see if it improves your general mindset.

Eat Well

Most of us end up overindulging at Christmas and aim to eat healthier in January. But with a lack of motivation, this change can be challenging to maintain and usually leads to incomplete resolutions. So, rather than trying to cut out all the "bad" foods and make a significant change in your diet, why not have smaller portions of main meals and eat healthy snacks in between. Make small changes that are easier to commit to than trying to change your diet too drastically, too quickly.

Plan a Holiday

With money stretched after Christmas, planning a holiday may seem counterproductive, but it gives you something to focus on in the future. Having milestones in your calendar is great for a motivational mindset and gives you something to work towards. Whether a UK-based staycation or something further afield, setting breaks for yourself later in your year is essential for future goals, and it's never too early to start making plans!


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