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Why you should be eating sea vegetables

Why you should be eating sea vegetables
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One of the biggest food trends of 2020 are sea vegetables. Exactly what it says on the tin, sea vegetables are vegetables that grow in the sea. Sustainably grown and a great way to boost your diet, they present a whole new world of culinary possibilities. Whilst they are more commonly eaten in China and Japan, they are making waves in the western world and you can expect to see them line the supermarket shelves soon. So what are the benefits of eating them? 

Sea Vegetables have some of the highest and broadest source of minerals than any other food on the planet. Packed with up to 20 times more minerals than land plants, the minerals, nutrients and vitamins they contain can be extremely beneficial. For women in particular, the superfood helps the body to absorb more iron. (Which makes them especially crucial to eat during your period since your iron levels tend to dip during menstruation.)

They're also great for your skin. Sea veggies are high in antioxidants which means that they protect the skin, prevent ageing and help your blood circulation, leaving you with that rosy glow in your cheeks. 

Just in case you needed another reason to try them, sea vegetables help draw harmful chemicals and heavy metals out of the body. They also alkalise the blood, which helps balance your body’s pH levels. 

So how do you eat them? 

The great news is that these superfoods are really versatile. Soak, slice, chop, sprinkle and blend them onto just about anything. But we recommend you start by adding them to recipes you already make and regularly eat.

sea vegetables nori boudavida

Not sure what tickles your taste buds?

Use nori in place of tortillas and flatbreads for an extra crunchy wrap.

Try sprinkling some kelp over soups, salads or stir frys. Alternatively, why not try kelp noodles?

Blend a tablespoon or two of algae into the blender for a super green smoothie. 

soak wakame in water for 5 minutes and toss with a drizzle of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame oil for a quick seaweed salad.

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