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Work Out Your Skin Care

Work Out Your Skin Care

Naomi Lake is a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist based in the South West and London. She is also a freelance beauty writer and columnist, and a Boudavida ambassador.

We caught up with Naomi to talk about her favourite facial treatments and skincare routine to support her fitness routine.

Work Out Your Skin Care

We pay attention to our workout regime, planning ahead and scheduling classes and sessions in order to fit them into our already busy days. We might track our macros, maximising our efforts in movement and nourishing our bodies in a way that best supports our goals. Maybe we look forward to a new purchase and how it might affect our workout. A recent favourite of mine is the Zephyr Sweatshirt; soft and snug, with enough movement for a Yin practice, but perfect too to throw on when relaxing around the house in a "work from home" vibe.

But do you consider your skincare routine, a product's ingredients, or a new purchase, beyond the comfort of the known or based on the excitement of something new?

If you want to extend your routine of movement beyond the body and into your skincare regime, check out Face Gym. So much more than a facial, their workouts target 40 forgotten muscles in the face and neck to awaken blood circulation, collagen production and cell renewal. It's a one of a kind, non-invasive facial rejuvenation regime. If you can't get to their London or Manchester studios in the future, online training is on offer too. In the meantime, check out their Instagram (@facegym) as they have been offering live workouts and training throughout lockdown as a taster to their 1-2-1 PT sessions.

With increased movement comes a little more sweat and that, in turn, can cause problems for your skin. Always wash your face before and after a workout, as the warmth from movement opens pores. It sounds simple but it's so important, so make sure those pores are clean! Kate Somerville Exfolikater Cleanser removes makeup and impurities in one sweep whilst refreshing and conditioning skin too. Ingredients include pineapple, offering antioxidant skin calming and skin-soothing properties, pumpkin as a natural source of vitamin E which also deeply conditions skin, and papaya enzymes which exfoliate without abrasion. As a trio, this leaves skin feeling soft without causing unnecessary dehydration.

A new brand to really get excited about is Faace, coming onto the scene with a trio of multi-use masks, including Sweaty Faace. With an ingredient blend designed to tone and rejuvenate, key ingredients such as argan oil provide light non-comedogenic hydration while bergamot is an excellent alternative to astringents for blemish control. Take control of how you shape your skincare and listen to what your skin needs, from the ingredients to the application. Be that an anti-inflammatory relief mask for menopausal skin or a cooling moisturiser for after your workout, this mask provides both.

Now I couldn't come over here and talk about beauty with fitness without offering you a real treasure as a parting gift. My most requested product recommendation, the holy grail of daily life itself: The World's Most Waterproof Mascara (IMHO). From time to time my gaze may wander, however I know this one will always be waiting for me and I dutifully always return. Eyeko Sport is my forever mascara, offering everything I need. Tried and tested waterproof capability (with a formula which actively repels water), fibres for enhancing lashes (suitable for sensitive eyes) and a collagen-enhanced formula (to condition lashes); I hope it becomes your forever mascara too.

Naomi Lake is a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist, beauty writer and columnist. You can find her over on Instagram and online at


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