A Mile in Her Shoes

A Mile in Her Shoes encourages women who are at risk of homelessness or related issues to try running as a way of exercising, socialising, lifting confidence and boosting self-esteem. Their accessible approach to fitness means that women from all backgrounds can gain from the health benefits that running provides.

The running groups are created, led and supported by a team of volunteers. Sessions are provided by trained and insured female running instructors, who are qualified to lead mixed ability groups.

The donation will help women get moving as they move on from homelessness by enabling and empowering them to access the positive mental, physical, health and social benefits of indoor and outdoor group exercise and running.

Boudavida Sports Beneficiaries A Mile in Her Shoes

10 Minutes with A Mile in Her Shoes

What is A Mile in Her Shoes?

We create, lead and support running fitness groups for women who may be vulnerable to homelessness through a volunteer-led programme, working to identify and remove any barriers and provide all the appropriate clothing, including shoes and sports bras.

How many women participate in your sports group?

Approximately 50 women take part in our running groups every 6 months.

During the coronavirus pandemic have you found ways to stay in touch virtually or through social media?

We mainly stay in contact offline or via our referral centres, mainly due to their personal circumstances (i.e. limited access to internet). However, since the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown we have been able to offer classes virtually.

What are some of the greatest successes you've had so far?

It's a long game but we've had some excellent individual success stories, where participating in running and in our sports groups has really impacted an individual's life. The true successes have been transforming people's confidence, having experienced a very challenging background. One lady was even supported to complete her first half marathon after attending one of our running groups for several months.

What has been your greatest challenge?

The chaotic and challenging lives that women are facing means exercise often becomes a low priority, but we always remind them how important it is for their physical and mental wellbeing and we'll be there for them at the same time each week.

What are your ambitions for A Mile in Her Shoes?

To support as many vulnerable or homeless women as possible with their fitness and health needs.

Boudavida Sports Beneficiary A Mile in Her Shoes

Find out more about A Mile in Her Shoes through the links below:

Website: www.amileinhershoes.org.uk

Instagram: @inhershoeshq

Facebook: @InHerShoesHQ

Twitter: @InHerShoesHQ

A Mile in Her Shoes also partners with Women's Running UK.