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The Boudavida Story

Welcome to Boudavida. We are a sports and active wear company with a difference. We don’t just make and sell performance activewear, we aim to bring fashion and function together, creating clothes that make women feel good about their bodies and inspired to get active. Oh yes, and we’re raising money for women’s sport in the process.

5% from every purchase from Boudavida donates to projects in women's sport, making a difference for women and girls across the UK. We do this to help more women become and stay active, improving their health, life and wellbeing through sport and exercise.

Inspired by the legend of Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni tribe – a strong and active woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer – we dreamed up the name Boudavida as a way of encapsulating female strength of character with the notion of living a healthy life.

We have plans to cater for as many sports as possible – both individual and team – and into a greater size breakdown, ultimately to create kit for every woman whatever they want to do. We currently cater for sizes 8-18, but watch this space!

Our greatest aim is to see just how much money we can pump into women’s sport and what tangible change we can make by doing that. Help us achieve that by buying something right now...


The Team

Anabel Sexton

CEO & Founder

Our founder, Anabel’s vision is a world where all women and girls feel like sport is a natural pathway for them. Having worked in the sports industry for many years at companies like IMG and TaylorMade adidas, she recognized the importance of making women feel good about their bodies in order to inspire them to get active – and so Boudavida was born!


Anabel spends her time developing the business, overseeing all departments and doing the financial planning.


Favourite Book I read a lot, so I have loads of favourites, but one that has really stuck with me is The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.
Favourite Movie  ‘A League of Their Own’, with Madonna and Geena Davis about the rise of the first female baseball league in the US
Favourite Song  Life on Mars, David Bowie – no question!
Favourite Sport / Activity Apart from a brief ‘mid-life crisis’ playing polo (…it was the most fun I’ve ever had!) it would have to be holiday golf in the sun on buggies. 
Favourite Food My daughter Gaby’s gluten free cakes.
Favourite Boudavida Item My Cwtch Hoodie. It is the comfiest, cuddliest thing I own.


James Friedlander-Boss

Marketing Manager

James is the latest addition to the Boudavida team, fresh from a digital marketing Masters where his thesis explored the use of Instagram stories by fashion brands. He has many years experience in the fashion industry, working with start up fashion and activewear brands as a designer and product developer. James has also taught Adobe packages at the Conde Nast College of Fashion and London College of Fashion. 

James runs the marketing department, implementing our campaigns and managing our agencies. 


Favourite Book Life After God by Douglas Coupland captured a moment perfectly for me but Watchmen by Alan Moore and anything Hellboy by Mike Mignola are also brilliant
Favourite Movie  Clerks. Kevin Smith at his finest. Shortbus a close second.
Favourite Song  I’m pretty chipper so something like One Hundred Years by the Cure or New World Torture by While She Sleeps
Favourite Sport / Activity I love riding, either on my road bike or downhill.
Favourite Food Constantly changes, at the moment I’m enjoying fatoush and anything from the Veggiestan cookbook
Favourite Boudavida Item The Cwtch Hoodie. Super soft and cozy.


Ada-Jane Moore

Designer and Operations

Ada-Jane is our in-house designer, responsible for developing our activewear ranges and managing the production process. She is a graduate in sportswear design from Falmouth University and is an active sportswoman, so is often found putting our kit to the test. 

Favourite Book
This is going to hurt by Adam Kay
Favourite Movie 
Hot Fuzz, filmed very close to my home in Wells. "Right you are my love!"
Favourite Song 
Gone In The Morning, Newton Faulkner. The very first act I saw at Glastonbury Festival in 2008.
Favourite Sport / Activity
Gymnastics and hockey.
Favourite Food
Roast dinner, consumed every Sunday without fail.
Favourite Boudavida Item
My Swagger Tee! I wear it everywhere – hockey practice, work, coffee dates... 


Alison Wood

Finance Guru


Favourite Book Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
Favourite Movie  North by Northwest
Favourite Song 
We found love by Rhiana - fond memories of a girls night out.
Favourite Sport / Activity
Favourite Food Dim Sum
Favourite Boudavida Item Kinetic leggings - they don't slip


Emily Walter

Weekend Retail Queen

Favourite Book Pride and Prejudice
Favourite Movie Notting Hill
Favourite Song Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits
Favourite Sport / Activity Horse Riding and Body Combat
Favourite Food Seafood. I also love coconut
Favourite Boudavida Item Kinetic Leggings 


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