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Hannah the Runner

Tell us about what Hannah the Runner does. 

We offer running coaching, groups and courses in Bath, UK with a team of 8 coaches all of whom have England Athletics qualifications.

What are your goals & ambitions for the project? 

Our goals are to enable teenage girls to try running and hopefully to find a love of it, in a non-competitive way where the emphasis is on participation and peer support not pace, times or competition.

How will you use our donation to promote women's sport?

We plan to set up a pilot couch to 5k beginners course with girls at a local secondary school who do not enjoy PE lessons and are not involved in sport outside school. We will coach an eight or nine week course during their normal PE lessons to take them from non-runners to running 5 kilometres non-stop.

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What has been your greatest success so far?

We've coached around 240 people - mainly women - to start running since we began. For me that's a far greater success than all the people we've coached for half and full marathons because getting someone into running shows them that their body can do something really awesome.

What has been the biggest challenge you have had to overcome?

Personally - my own self-confidence, or lack of it. As a non-sporty person whose body still doesn't look like a stereotypical runner despite doing four marathons so far I sometimes struggle to think of myself as a runner never mind the founder of a running coaching business!

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