Lauren Dolan

With every order, we donate 5% to one of our three current charities. This month, we’ve spoken with Lauren Dolan, GB Cycling star of the future. Lauren won bronze in the time trial at the 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival and won silver in the Madison at the Junior World Track championships last year.

When did you first get into cycling?

I started cycling competitively in March 2014, so I was 14 at the time. My dad used to ride for Great Britain when he was a junior, so my interest in the sport stemmed from the stories he told me from when he rode at an international level. From a young age, I have always been involved in sport, so I jumped at the opportunity of getting on a bike.

What are your favourite things about the sport?

I thrive on the adrenaline and excitement I get from racing and riding fast on both the track and road as well as the sense of pride and achievement when you get to stand on the top step of the podium. That is an unbeatable feeling. 

Your Dad was UK Junior Champion in ’91. Was he your inspiration?

He most definitely is. He was a formidable and classy rider when he was younger, extremely tactical and physical. I strive to demonstrate those traits. I cannot emphasise how lucky I am to have a father with such a vast spectrum of in-depth knowledge about the sport. My quick progression in the sport is credit to him. 


What has been your sporting highlight to date?

My biggest highlight would probably have to be winning bronze in the 2015 Youth Olympic Time Trial in Tbilisi having only been riding a bike for just over a year. Or more recently, last year winning Silver in the Madison at the Junior World Track championships. 

What are your aspirations and goals for the future?

Ultimately, I would love to go to the Olympics wearing the Great Britain jersey and come home with a gold medal around my neck. However, in the near future, I'd love to make selections for the European Track Championship and get a result in the Road and Time Trial World Championships later on this year. 

What does your training involve? What does a full training week look like?

Typically, my training consists of sessions out on the road, on the track and indoors on the turbo or rollers, between 1 to 4 hours in length depending on the session. I will be on the bike for 6 days a week and have a strength and conditioning session 2 days a week. 


Do you have to stick to a nutritional plan? And what would be your guilty pleasure snack?

I eat very healthily, monitoring what I fuel myself with. I believe it is crucial to get this correct to get the best out of training and to also optimise recovery to be able to perform in training the day after. 

My guilty pleasure snack would definitely have to be a good slab of dark chocolate or indulgent cookies and cream ice cream! 

What other sports / activities do you like doing?

I used to play hockey to a high level, so I enjoy the occasional hit about on the Astroturf in school with my friends. I also really enjoy chilling out in Salcombe with the family and our three Springer Spaniels. 


What’s your favourite piece of Boudavida kit and why?

A tough question as all the kit is unbelievably comfortable and stylish, but if I had to choose it would probably be the Valiant Hoodie.

What would you say to other girls interested in cycling?

I would encourage all women, of all ages and abilities to get on the saddle and start pedalling! Whether it's competitively racing or just around the park, cycling is a great way of doing some exercise and having fun at the same time. Finding your local social ride would be an excellent place to start, you won't look back!