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Boudavida Sustainability

Our Collections

To avoid getting sucked into the pitfalls of fast fashion, Boudavida sticks to launching two ranges per year.

All of our new ranges blend with previous ones to give our products a longer lifespan.

Use amazing soft-touch performance fabrics sourced in Europe to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2019, we began using sustainable, bamboo-blend fabrics in our collections.

Our Packaging

Our zip-lock plastic bags are designed to be re-used by our customers for storing and carrying their sweaty gym kit.

Our swing tags are made from reusable hair bobbles.

Our Suppliers

In 2018 we moved our manufacturing from China to Europe to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Future

2020 will see us produce ranges made by re-purposing old stock to avoid products ending up in landfill sites.

We give 5% of sales to women in sport, thus creating a virtuous circle of women supporting women. Find out more about our beneficiaries.