Boudavida Sustainable Women's Activewear

We recognise the responsibility we have as a fashion retailer to promote sustainability. Our collections are always designed with our ecological footprint in mind, and we're consistently looking for more ways to be eco-friendly.

Our Collections

To avoid getting sucked into the pitfalls of fast fashion, Boudavida sticks to launching two ranges of women's activewear per year.

In 2019, we began using bamboo-blend fabrics in our women's activewear collections. Bamboo is a highly sustainable fibre that requires less irrigation and pesticide use than cotton when grown and harvested. Bamboo sportswear also stays dry and super-soft all workout-long, being absorbent, sweat-wicking, cooling, and perfect for exercise.

In 2020 we sourced new sustainable cork yoga accessories. Cork is an incredibly eco-friendly material, harvested naturally from tree bark. Cork continues to absorb CO2 after harvesting, is highly renewable and creates no harmful waste. It is also naturally antibacterial and repellant to bacteria and viruses, making it an excellent prop for yoga or Pilates practice. You can shop our Cork Yoga Accessories Collection here.

All of our new collections blend with previous ones to give our products a longer lifespan. Every item of women's activewear we create is designed to pair with previous items so you can mix and match your new Boudavida kit with your favourites.

We use high-quality performance fabrics sourced in Europe to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Ethos

We are a socially sustainable brand, giving 5% of sales to women in sport, thus creating a virtuous circle of women supporting women. This 5% donation goes directly to a selection of projects, to ensure that money from the sale of women's sports products goes directly back into women's sport. You can find out more about our Women's Sports Beneficiaries here.

We want to encourage more women and girls to be active, and we want to inspire and empower women, girls and the next generation. We want to encourage women to participate in sports because we believe that sport and exercise is a vital part of living a healthy, happy life.

Our Packaging

Our swing tags are made from reusable hair bobbles - so don't throw them away! Detach the hair bobbles from your new purchases and use them to tie your hair up at your next workout.

Our zip-lock plastic bags have been designed to be re-used and to store and carry your sweaty gym kit. We've heard you can use them for many purposes, so keep your reusable zip-lock Boudavida bags for small change, trainers, plane flight carry-ons and more!

Each order from Boudavida is shipped using reusable packaging, should you need to return any of your items.

Our reusable packaging is made from LDPE, which is widely recycled in the UK.

Our Suppliers

In 2018 we moved our manufacturing from China to Europe to reduce our carbon footprint. Much of our eco-friendly accessories and sustainable activewear is now manufactured within Europe in Spain and Portugal.

Our Future

We hate waste and are researching new ranges that re-purpose old stock to avoid products ending up in landfill sites. This includes samples, previous styles and discontinued sale lines, to ensure that none of our activewear is wasted.