Wanderlust Women

The Wanderlust Women, led by Amira Patel, is a supportive group for Muslim women to connect with the outdoors. In just a year, the group has more than 3,000 Instagram followers, a nomination for an award at the National Diversity Awards, and has introduced dozens of women to the thrill of exploring the great outdoors ⛰

Could you provide a detailed description of what your women's sports group does?

We are women, primarily Muslim women from different backgrounds, who have come together to create a safe space to explore the great outdoors. We aim to connect with the outdoors, build friendships, and encourage others to take up adventuring and walking.

We created this group for ethnic minority women to have a safe space for hiking and exploring the outdoors. It can be daunting if you don’t see many people who look like you in that environment, making people in minority communities feel like hiking and camping is not for them. That, of course, is a harmful stereotype that must be eradicated!

We are here to break down barriers and to represent Muslim women. The great outdoors is for everyone, and everyone should feel represented and welcome.

How many women take part in your sports group?

We host outdoor experiences for a maximum of 30 women.

How have you managed throughout lockdown, have you kept in touch through social media?

During lockdown, I assisted our members through group chats on WhatsApp and Instagram, encouraging others to get outdoors and be active.

What are your goals and ambitions for your sports group?

I would love to expand the group in all areas of outdoor sports for Muslim women. I want ethnic minority women to have positive representation in sports and outdoor activity, and eventually, I would love to see our members become leaders and ambassadors.

Wanderlust Women
Amira Patel from The Wanderlust Women
Image: Rachel Sarah

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