Boudavida Beneficiaries

The Boudavida Beneficiary Scheme

It’s no secret that women’s sport is significantly less visible in the media than men’s. In fact, only 7% of all media coverage within the UK is allocated to it.  Even more staggering is that only 0.4% of the commercial money invested into sports goes into the women’s sector. The team at Boudavida is impassioned to change this.

We want to ensure that money from the sale of women’s products goes directly back into women’s sport. We want to inspire and empower women, girls and the next generation. We want to encourage women and girls to participate in sports, because we believe that sport and exercise is a vital part of living a healthy, happy life. In short, we want to change the game, or at least the game to change, which is why we give back.

Our Beneficiaries

Camden Kempo

Camden Shorinji Kempo

Camden Shorinji Kempo is a modern Japanese martial arts group, based in the heart of Camden in London. The club was founded in early 2019 and operates an inclusive, open, safe and supported environment for participants from all backgrounds.

SSS Netball Club

SSS Netball Club

Splott SuperStars Netball Club is women's netball group for refugees and asylum seekers, having arrived in Cardiff after fleeing violence, abuse, poverty and famine. The netball club provides them with a women's sports group in which to have fun, play sport and make lasting friendships.

A Mile in Her Shoes

A Mile in Her Shoes

A Mile in Her Shoes encourages women who are at risk of homelessness or related issues to try running as a way of exercising, socialising, lifting confidence and boosting self-esteem. Their accessible approach to fitness means that women from all backgrounds can gain from the health benefits that running provides.

The 5% Donation

Every six months we choose three beneficiaries and 5% of our sales go to them. So if you are an aspiring athlete, or are involved in a grass roots programme for women or girls, and want to be one of the recipients of our 5% donation, please write to us at and tell us why we should consider you.