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Spiky Massage Ball

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Spiky Trigger-Point Massage Ball - Green

Designed to stimulate circulation and relieve tension, this spiky massage ball aids muscle recovery. Target uncomfortable knots and tight muscles, or incorporate into your cool-down routine. This PVC-free rubber ball has a firm structure for intense pressure and small spikes to enhance blood flow. Perfect for tight glutes, hamstrings, rhomboids, or even for tension headaches, this trigger-point massage ball works wonders to relieve and relax muscles.

Tips for use:

  • Work into a small number of knots and trigger points each time, starting with the worst spots. You may experience some discomfort after massaging out knots.
  • For best results, use heat or a cold compress in between sessions.
  • Stretch out and move your muscles after each use.

  • ⌀4.5cm.
  • Made of phthalate-free PVC.